who are you?

An adventurer!

If you are like me, who thinks the time to spend on this Earth is to travel and see the world, then you have come to the right place.

Hi, I am Hiatt. I spent 100 days in the spring and summer of 2018 bicycling across America.

I’m here to be your personal bikepacking advisor and guide you to your dream of bicycling across America or the world.


You say want to travel by a bicycle?

You are crazy!

That’s what some people said about me, too! But you know you are not crazy. You are just hesitant, trying to feel the water. No problem. It took me about ten years from the start of my bicycling-across-America idea to accomplishing that goal in 2018. I’m here to say, “You can do it!”

But there’s a lot to prepare since you have not done it, yet. I’m here to serve as your personal bikepacking advisor to help you with anything you need from the preparation to the start of your journey. This can range from choosing the right cycling gear to having the positive mental state.

There’s nothing better than talking to a real person who actually have accomplished a trans-America cycling trip. I did a lot of Googling before my trip, trying to get prepared with cycling gears and work up my nerves. But I wished someone was there to guide me with certain questions and had given me non-biased, supportive advice. Because there’s a lack of that service, I’m here to offer it. And hopefully put you on a journey of your lifetime.

My services range from…

  • Helping you to choose the best time to start your bicycle trip
  • Helping you to decide on the best cycling gears for your budget
  • Helping you to plan out your route
  • Helping you to boost your confidence
  • Helping you to set up a blog in case you want to document your trip
  • Helping you to choose a right camera or smart phone to capture your memories

and much more!

You can ask me anything related to bikepacking.


The best time to do anything is now.

Don’t wait until next year to get started. Start now to get prepared. I can help you to cut down your research time by giving you sound advice. You can get on a bicycle and start riding across the country, or around the world, in a matter of weeks, or months if you prefer.

I am available anytime to answer any of your bikepacking questions!


Afraid of the unknown?

I can help you to figure out the best cycling route across the United States. If you’re brave enough to cycle the world I can offer you resources from someone who has.

Oh you mean you are also afraid of the future? Don’t worry. I have tips on how to deal with anxiety before your trip.

Always remember this…

It’s the journey that matters, not the destination.


Only you know why you want to bicycle long distance

Don’t let small obstacles get in your way. This includes fear. Much of bicycling long distance is about your mental ability in addition to your physical ability. I didn’t realize that when I started on my trip until a couple of days in. If you face anxiety before your trip and feel like you want to quit before you begin, I have something to tell you… I’ve been there. It took me three tries to finally have the courage to ride across America. You and I are a lot alike.

This bicycling trip will redefine you.


Hiatt crossing Colorado in 2018

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